The man; Ray Keyz. Ray Keyz is a singer and songwriter with high passion in music. He started his career at an early age and through the years he has written songs for different world artists from different recording labels. His genre of music surrounds different hype musics ranging from Hip-Hop, Riddim, Rhymes and Blues, Crunk, Techno, Trance, Pop and Own creation.  He has been considered as one of the youngest and talented musicians of this century, with his achievements in songwriting and good song composing prowess. His musical talent started way back during his younger age and by the age of eight, he joined music school, his parents being the soul supporters and also his first fans. After going through music school where he majored in music writing, he started his music journey as strictly a song writer and music composer and as time went by he got deals of writing and composing songs for different world artists both underground and commercial from different record labels.

Through the years, he won many International awards, he was getting many outside appreciations and credits from the USA, AUSTRALIA, UK and ASIA. In 2014 he set to record his first studio single which was ”Promise” then ”Lose control” which were to be released the following year 2014. Through the promo of his unreleased singles, he managed to get more International chart plays and votes. He is surely another big superstar ready to entertain the world. He look up to best songwriters like Shirley Goines, Bei Maejor, Neyo, Baby face, Brandy Norwood and Lionel Richie.


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