Magic in Song.

Some songs you listen to and smile…others you listen to and cry. Still others you listen to and smile and cry. But the best songs are those that little by little, soothing rhythm by throbbing bass carry you on invisible arms to destinations of enlightment and simpe discoveries.

It could be any song, after all, all songs are genius. Whose to say which is best…which is never best…which is only ever which, and songs are slivers of the soul…born of the mind and borne on the currents of deranged vocality by talented voices to the ears of the heart.

It could be any genre. Genre after all is simply the interpretation an individual adopts to render the message embedded in his soul. That said, it matters not whether its Lucky Dube consumed by Reggae fever crooning to his heart’s content “You can choose your friends, but you cannot choose who you are related to.” Or Jay Z’s hova_lyrical “Key to life keep the bag coming, every night another bag coming.” It could even be Coldplay  and their cold honesty…”If you never try you will never  know. ” …In the end, it matters not who sings a song so long as the song is sung.

This article here today is a reminder, a reminder that magic isn’t gone from the world and anyone who says different is demented. What else if not magic can soothe our rage, shatter our calm or leave us staring absent mindedly into oblivion.
The arcane knowledge of magic may have left us…but as long as we have music we have magic.


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